President’s Message

To all, I was reading through the New York Times, and came across an article entitled “Middle Class Pay Elusive For Teachers, Report Says” and although it was comparative in nature with some parts of the country faring better than others, it told me what so many of us already know all too well: that […]

The Effects of the Rigor of Standardized Tests

           NEW YORK – I’m a photographer. This is my daughter…and this is the first photo of her that I have ever hated. You may have already seen this image today. I posted it this morning on my business page and after returning from a session […]

Be the Catalyst of Change in Your School

You too can lead the changes you want to see in your school, start today! Read – Leading Change in Your School My interest in this book was first sparked by the title. After all, with words like “leading change” and “conquer,” any action-minded educator is likely to get drawn in. It was the author […]