No Pension No Peace!

Alongside NJEA Vice President Marie Blistan, hundreds of NJEA members arrived at Senator Sweeney’s office to ensure that he knew we expect him to keep his promise and post SCR-2, our constitutional pension funding amendment. Hundreds more flooded his office with phone calls and emails, overwhelming the system with the sheer volume of messages.

As our members voiced their outrage over Sweeney’s failure, he called for a federal investigation into the NJEA and FOP, referring to their withholding of campaign contributions until the bill is posted as “bribery” and “extortion”. 

NJEA President Wendell Steinhauer rejected Sweeney’s accusations saying, “NJEA’s support for politicians is not an entitlement; it is earned. We have a responsibility to use our members’ voluntary political contributions to support their priorities. NJEA has simply informed legislators and party officials that we are withholding support that we are under no obligation to give.”

SCR-2 will need to be posted by August 8th to appear on the November ballot. Call Senator Sweeney’s office at (856) 251-9801 or (856) 339-0808 and encourage him to keep his promise and post the bill!

Stay active! Stay informed! Stay engaged! 



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