Gov. Christie Attempts Abuse of Power and Members’ Rights

‘Gov. Christie continues to exploit the law and the rights of active and retired NJEA members. He holds our members accountable to the terms of P.L. 2011 Chapter 78 when it comes to the elimination of the cost of living adjustment for our retirees, increased premium sharing for active and retired members, and increases in active members’ pension contributions. Yet he continues to ignore the parts of the law that would require him to show integrity and responsibility. He’s been shortchanging the pension systems and now he wants to play puppeteer with the SEHBP.’

The governor continues to attempt to violate Chapter 78 by circumventing the SEHBP Design Committee and forcing any eligible retired members receiving healthcare from the SEHBP from their current retiree health benefit program to a Medicare Advantage program. He’s trying to force this through while there is a vacant labor seat on the evenly divided SEHBP Commission, giving him a one-vote advantage.

Read the article for details, then, call the governor’s office at (609) 292-6000 and tell Christie to fill the vacant union representative seat on the SEHBP Commission


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