Fall Focus 2016

We’re making some changes with this year’s Fall Focus, starting with simplifying the registration process.  Instead of county and local associations filling out and mailing in paperwork, each member will simply register online at njea.org/fallfocus. It only takes a minute or two and it works from your computer, tablet or phone. Attendees will be asked for their meal choices and to choose one of four discussion topics: ESSA, Privatization/Corporatization of Public Education, Chapter 78 relief, and pension funding.

The second big change is that we are instituting two windows of registration. The first window allows county and local presidents and their designated members to register. During the second window of registration, invitations will go out to the general membership of any county. Our goal in opening registration is to make sure as many members as possible can attend these discussions and become our newest activists.

Leaders from each county will be receiving their invitations, via email, approximately one month before the date of the county’s Fall Focus meeting. However, registration is open now and you are free to register yourself and begin inviting your members.

The final registration deadline is seven days before your county’s Fall Focus.  Please make sure you and your members register well ahead of time.  Within ten days of the event, you will receive an email, which lists those of your members that are registered.  That will give you an opportunity to remind your invitees to register if they haven’t already done so. Ten days from the event, we will be opening registration to all our members, to make sure everyone who wants to get involved in making a difference can attend. The registration deadline for all attendees to your county’s Fall Focus is seven days before.  At that time we will send you a final list of attendees.

If you or your members encounter any difficulties with registration, please contact Kim Lipcsey at klipcsey@njea.org.


Wendell Steinhauer
NJEA President


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