SCEA ESP of the Year

The Somerset County Education Association is pleased to announce Ms. Linda Garoian as the 2017 Educational Support Professional of the Year. This important award honors the essential role these dedicated professionals perform in the Hillsborough school community. Each year, colleagues nominate some of the many praiseworthy ESP staff members.

There are countless Education Support Professionals deserving of this recognition throughout New Jersey. Ms. Garoian exemplifies the dedication and professionalism of all Educational Support Professionals, who endeavor to maintain the quality of our schools and to ensure students’ success.

Throughout the course of her career as an Instructional Assistant, Ms. Garoian has played an essential role within Hillsborough Public Schools. She is quick to go the extra mile to support her students, ensuring that they are successful in all aspects of school life. Ms. Garoian connects with every student through his/her individual interests, even going as far as researching quantum physics when one student displayed an interest. She is a highly respected member of the school community, who’s dedication extends beyond the classroom where she serves as an Hillsborough Eduction Association Representative, member of the negotiations team and advocate for fellow educators.

“Whether in the classroom with her students, or outside of the classroom with her colleagues, Linda exemplifies what it means to be an instructional assistant. Her warmth and compassion are shown on a daily basis and we do not know what we would do without her!” –Ms. Amy Salinger, Auten Road Intermediate School Teacher.

(Photo from L to R: Mr. Christopher Carey (Auten Road Intermediate School, Principal), Ms. Linda Garoian, Mr. Henry Goodhue (Somerset County Education Association, Second VP)


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