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From the President’s Quill

Dear SCREA Members,

The SCREA extends its appreciation to all our dedicated members who made phone calls and sent emails to New Jersey Legislators in our effort to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot THIS YEAR that would have allowed voters to demand  responsible pension funding by the state of New Jersey.  NJEA/NJREA members are extremely disappointed and angry that, once again, politicians are failing to keep their promise to secure the financial security of our pensions after twenty years of playing games with our retirement funds.  NJEA has been very clear that the pension amendment is our members’ number one priority.

I am writing this letter on Monday, August 8, the last day that the resolution could have been posted and passed in the Senate.  Today Steve Sweeney, the sponsor of the constitutional amendment , said the Senate would not voten on the pension amendment amid the stalemate over another budget crisis: how to fund transportation projects across the state.  For more information go to or feel free to call one of the SCREA Legislative chairmen.

The speaker at our Fall 2016 luncheon will be Fran Pfeffer, Associate Director of NJEA Government Relations, who will talk about what lies ahead concerning the pension amendment and other issues, both local and national.  Bring your questions and concerns.  Also in attendance that day will be Barbara Toczko, NJREA member and manager of the NJREA “boutique”.  She will have shirts, buttons, pins, and order forms for jackets.  The money goes to the NJREA philanthropic fund.  Bring cash or checks.

We are returning ti The Landing in Hillsborough which is under new management.  The new manager has assured us that the problem we encountered in May, namely erratic food and beverage service, has been addressed.  When you fill out your reservation form, you will notice that we have made a few changes to the menu.  The SCREA Executive Committee has investigated several other venues and found the prices for a plated luncheon were eight to ten dollars more a person than we are paying now.  We welcome suggestions from our membership for other locations.

We look forward to seeing you on October 5.

Carol Shields, SCREA President